Mold Testing Services in Newark New Jersey

Mold testing is the most common and accurate way to figure out what kind of mold is growing in a home. However, it’s important to be cautious about the kind of mold detector a person gets. Many of the kits that are available from the store only allow certain mold types to grow. For example, it’s possible to get a black mold test, but if those spores aren’t growing in a person’s home in Newark, New Jersey, then the mold test kit will show that there isn’t an issue—and that might not be true.

The best way to determine what type of mold is in a home is to have a professional come in and take samples. In general, they have two different tests they can conduct: a tape lift and air samples. Either option can let a person know what type of mold they are dealing with so that they can remediate it properly.

Tape Lift Testing

A tape lift mold test works best when a person can see that they have mold growth. A technician will come in with the tape kit and place the sticky side over the spot. They will then place the tape on a slide and send it away to a lab where it will be tested. Once they get the test results back, they’ll be able to put a mold remediation plan in place to get rid of this substance from the home.

Air Sample Mold Testing

Air samples are conducted to determine if mold spores are floating around a home. This is the best mold testing to perform if the mold can’t be seen but a person suspects it might be growing in the air ducts or other hidden space. On average, at least two tests have to be taken: one from the outside and one from the room where there might be a mold problem. The technician may want to do more, just so they know for sure if there are mold spores in the home.

Once those samples have been taken, they will be sent away to a lab to be tested. More often than not, the outside air sample will have mold spores present, and this will give them a baseline to determine if the count inside the home is higher or lower than normal. If it’s higher, then the technician will try to determine the source and figure out the best way to accomplish mold removal from the home.

Mold Test Kit

Most homeowners these days will try and do a little research on the mold industry before reaching out to the pros – which is great! Every customer should be informed on what to expect, and what not to expect from professionals in the mold removal space. Especially when it comes to testing, many companies will often try and trick unknowing customers into paying for services they do not need. As a result, many people turn to home mold tests and mold test kits as a cheaper alternative. No matter how insignificant a mold issue may seem, it is always advisable to consult with a professional. Especially when the inspection is free!

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Two mold technicians examining mold growth in the rafters of a Bloomfield attic
Mold inspection revealing black patches of mold growing in the drywall