Mold Removal in Fair Lawn New Jersey

Our team loves the residents of Fair Lawn and gladly answers the call to any need related to microorganism growth they may have. Moisture levels tend to be fairly high in this community and we often find dark basements and dusty attics as prime targets for growth. If you live in Fair Lawn then we are a mold removal company near you.

Give us a call today and we will be ready to respond to any situation you may have. We cover all facets of the indoor fungus and will do everything within our power to eliminate its presence once and for all. House mold and property mold our the only thing we specialize in, allowing us to provide you industry-leading services with a customer-centered approach you won’t find anywhere else. Take a look at what services we perform in your area:

Mold Inspection in Fair Lawn, NJ

From basement to attic, we will examine each and every area of your home to find exactly where the potential mold problem may be hiding. There are tell tale signs that growth is taking place in very hard to reach areas and we have a keen eye for spotting them. If you are aware of any preexisting moisture problems before we get there, show us the area and we will take it from there. We not only identify any current problems, but we will show you where potential infestations could be lurking if changes aren’t made. If you so much as smell mildew in your home, it is best to call us out for an inspection. Give us a call today!

Mold Testing

Inspections determine whether or not testing needs to take place. Once it is determined that your air or surfaces must be tested, we are able to collect and analyze samples that will give us tremendous insight into who we are dealing with. You can purchase mold test kits yourself, but for many reasons we recommend relying on the pros.

Air testing, surface testing and bulk testing all can give insight into how your home looks from a mold standpoint at any given time. We will take the time to specifically test the air quality and susceptible surfaces we know we produce results. Whether you think you have black mold symptoms, have a moldy smell tipping you off, or need to know the extend of mold growth, we have you covered.

Mold Remediation in Fair Lawn

When it comes to getting rid of mold for good, it is almost always best to hire a professional service. However, there are some instances where the extent and species of the mold are so benign that we may recommend you do the job yourself! In the instance we do need to start a true mold removal process, we will get started right away.

Our plan of action will cover everything from wearing protective equipment, containing the contamination and setting up a negative pressure barrier to the physical mold elimination, sanitizing the area and disposing of contaminated substances after we are done. We are experts in killing mold and making sure it doesn’t return.

Mold Remediation and Testing Estimate
Two mold technicians examining mold growth in the rafters of a Bloomfield attic
Mold inspection revealing black patches of mold growing in the drywall

Fair Lawn Black Mold and Mildew

Toxic black mold is nothing to take lightly. We are just as concerned as you when it comes to identifying and removing any form of toxic fungus that may be growing inside your home. Often before ever making a physical appearance, hidden mycotoxins can be released that result in respiratory problems and irritation in a variety of bodily systems. There are real and lasting implications of living with black mold in your Fair Lawn home.

If you ever suspect that the symptoms you are experiencing or the smells in your home are from mold – give us a call now! There is a possibility that you might have an allergy to mold and could be experiencing hallmark mold exposure symptoms. Although not all mould that is black contains toxic substances that will pose imminent danger to your health, it is best to have a professional come in and make sure. Timing is everything and we are available whenever you need to get the process started! We know how to get rid of mold!