Mold Inspection Service in Newark, New Jersey

What is a mold inspection? The goal of performing indoor mold inspections is to detect the presence or absence of molds in a home or business, identify the root cause, and remove it. All property owners should consider scheduled mold inspections to locate areas of potential formation and catch them before they worsen.

Did you know that mold can be extremely difficult to find with the naked eye? A vast majority of species are odorless and like to grow beneath or behind a variety of different surfaces. If left unchecked, a small problem area can quickly multiply. Many of these spaces are not often viewed, such as the on the inside of the roof, in or around plumbing fixtures and many types of common household materials (ceiling tiles, dust, paints, wallpaper, carpet, fabric, drywall, insulation, etc.). Not only can this cause damage to the surfaces and material the mold grows on, but it can be extremely dangerous for your family and pets as well.

Why Inspect for Mold?

The health effects caused from mold are numerous and often difficult to differentiate from other common conditions. Headache, sore throat, watery eyes, fatigue, chronic cough, sneezing and skin irritation are all associated symptoms with prolonged mold exposure. Schedule an in-home inspection today to learn the facts about the mold levels in your home – both on the surface and in the air.

We bring the peace of mind that can only come from a definitive answer on whether or not it has made your home its home. Our certified professionals take the time to examine each and every possible area for growth while making sure the customer stays well informed about ways to eliminate moisture moving forward. Whether in Bloomfield, Newark or Fair Lawn, NJ, mold inspections are the first step to finding out whether or not you have a fungus problem that needs solved.

Where to Conduct a Mold Inspection

Our checklists include both indoor and outdoor inspections. Common problem areas when it comes to moisture and mold include:

Mold Remediation and Testing Estimate
Two mold technicians examining mold growth in the rafters of a Bloomfield attic
Mold inspection revealing black patches of mold growing in the drywall