Newark's #1 Mold Removal Company

Mold Removal Newark is New Jersey’s premier service provider for everything related to mold. Our team knows all there is to know about keeping your house safe from dangerous microorganisms that can wreak havoc on your property and your health. We have been assisting local residents of NewarkBloomfield, and Fair Lawn with their mold testing and remediation needs since we first opened our doors in these beautiful communities.

Jersey’s average moisture levels make residential homes and commercial businesses in the area especially prone to mildew. If left alone, these can quickly turn into infestations that contaminate the entire property. When it comes to a person’s living quarters, they want the space to be as welcoming and safe as possible for them and their family. For most people, the thought of having mold growing in their home is incredibly stressful—especially if the possibility exists that it could be the dreaded black mold. Our mold company has years of experience taking on even the most difficult jobs and yours is no exception. We are ready to handle whatever fungus may be among us!

Customer-Centered Mold Services

We specialize in performing any service related to mold that you can think of. From inspection to testing and removal to remediation, this is your one stop shop for mold abatement. Many remediation companies out there will prey on susceptible customers who simply don’t know any better. Here, we will never charge you for a job you don’t need. Our guys go out of their way to save you money whenever possible! We pride ourselves in providing top notch customer service in addition to our restoration services.

Removing Mold On Your Terms

Mold Removal Newark is locally-owned, giving us the flexibility to customize your service list according to your specific requests. Our approach gives us a leg up on the competition in an industry filled with confusion, deception and lack of trust. We know that the customer experience is equally as important as the job we perform. You can rely on us to take care of any mold problem you may have. Period. If you think your home may have mold, contact us to have a service member come and perform an in-depth inspection of the property. The time it takes to notice the problem and remove it is crucial – don’t delay! Give us a call today!

Mold Remediation and Testing Estimate
Two mold technicians examining mold growth in the rafters of a Bloomfield attic
Mold inspection revealing black patches of mold growing in the drywall